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The road to democracy:
South Africans telling their stories
Volume 1, 1950–1970
ISBN No: 978-0-9802591-6-2

South Africans Telling their Stories is a project of the South African Post Office (SAPO), in collaboration with the South African Democracy Trust (SADET). SAPO and SADET have joined hands ‘to share ideas on innovative ways to record and preserve the country’s history, especially the history of the liberation struggle’. The Road to Democracy: South Africans telling their stories, Volume 1, 1950-1970, is the first in a series of volumes of edited interviews carried out by SADET and its associated research teams. The result is a collection of mini-autobiographies that cover a range of themes, including life in apartheid South Africa; the various campaigns and political events of the 1950s and 1960s; the development of individual political consciousness; involvement in underground political and military activities, including the ANC’s Wankie and Sipolilo Campaigns; experiences of military training and life in exile; the sacrifices that individuals made in the struggle for our liberation; and many, many others. Guidance for this series of publications is taken from the following words of President Thabo Mbeki:
‘A significant number of books have been written about the history of our struggle. Most of them have not been written by those who made this history. Outstanding among those written by patriots who helped to change our country for the better is the autobiography of Nelson Mandela, “Long Walk to Freedom”. But clearly there are not enough of these. The SADET series will help to address this deficiency. It will therefore be an important addition to the sources of knowledge that will help to form the consciousness of many generations to come.’
‘...the Trust ... is determined that the makers of history should tell their own stories as well as the story of the struggles they waged. In this sense, it wants the makers of history to be the authors who record that history.’
President Thabo Mbeki, ‘Our historians must have courage to speak the truth’, ANC Today,
Volume 4, No. 25, 25 June –1 July 2004.

R 240 incl vat

STEVE BIKO ISBN No: 0-9802591-2-6

In September 2007 the world will commemorate the 30th anniversary of the death of Black Consciousness leaders Bantu Stephen Biko. Endowed with a great sense of history and political foresight, Biko ideas continue to have relevance for Africa’s development agenda, three decades after his murder. It is therefore fitting that as we remember him we sample, once more, from his works through the latest edition of No Fears Expressed, once a premier reference book for many young activists. Enjoy and share the legacy!

Nkosinathi Biko

Hard Cover: R102.00 incl vat
Soft Cover: R85.50 incl vat

OR Tambo ISBN No: 10-9585140-1-1

 It is our responsibility to break down the barriers of division and create a country where there will be neither Whites nor Blacks, just South Africans free and united in diversity. - OR Tambo.

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Price: R194.00 incl vat

Soweto '76 ISBN No: 0-620360-93-3

Everywhere you looked, there was smoke here, smoke there. It was helter-skelter, from top to bottom. Indeed the mythical revolution e had heard about or philosophised about in our writings, or that of Gil Scott-Heron who had said 'The Revolution Won't Be Televised Tonight', was now really upon doorsteps. While arguably apartheid had messed up our parents, we knew that this was now Revenge Time, and that er had to redeem our pride by messing apartheid very good. For final. For ourselves.

Price: R224.00 incl vat

Women's freedom march of 1956 - ISBN No: 0-620360-94-1

Through this book, we hope, the women of today will be in a position to understand the high price that was exacted from previous generations to create the circumstances of today. Women in South Africa today enjoy rights to which their forebears could only aspire. Much still needs to be done by government, civil society and the South African public in general to advance the rights of women. But, a good beginning has been made through legislation and government practice. Let us hope that the non-sexist society we are constructing proves worthy of the sacrifices of those unsung and little known heroines who gave their all for our freedom.

Price: R224.00 incl vat

MAHUBE: Dawning of the Dawn - ISBN No: 1-919882-01-4

"Our country is in that period of thime which the Setswana-speaking people of Southern Africa graphically describe as 'mahube a naka tsa kgomo' - the dawning of the dawn, when only the tips of the horns od the cattle can be seen etched agains the morning sky.

As the sun continues to rise to banish the darkness of the long years of colonialism and apartheid, what the new light over our land must show is a nation diligently at work to create a better life for itself."

President Thabo Mbeki, 16 June 1999.

This selection of speeches gives us insights into the thoughts of President Thabo Mbeki, his visions, his plans and his practical understanding of what must be done to end poverty and to promote sustainable development in South Africa, Africa and the developing world. At his moment of Africa's reawakening, President Mbeki explains how and by what means Africa can and shall take her rightful place in the world community of continents, nations and states.

Price: R125.40 incl vat

A Dream Fulfilled - ISBN No: 0-9585140-0-3

I devoted 33 years of my life to the liberation struggle. For 33 years I clung tenaciously to the idea of freedom and dignity for my people, and now that my dream has been realised I look forward of being part of the building of a new South Africa. Out of the old has come a new, out of the atrocities, apologies and reconciliation. We have a very long way to go, but we have made a wonderful beginning and I am proud to have been a part of the past. I am proud to continue building for an even better future; but for now, my dream fulfilled, I live my life with joy, from moment to moment, one day at a time!

Price: R112.00 incl vat

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